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Happy Family Store services include:

Drug Trends & DFSA Workshops

Audience members come away knowing vital facts like the typical packaging and paraphernalia that typically accompanies specific drugs.  Her presentations include videos of under the influence of various drugs and case studies.  Drug paraphernalia items are displayed for handling as well.

Her presentations for medical practitioners and law enforcement agencies offer an up-to-date and detailed education on drugs that are currently being abused. Everyone from emergency room doctors to patrol officers to rehabilitation professionals needs to learn the signs and symptoms of designer drug use, to know what symptoms and reactions to look for in a patient, and what the contents of someone’s pockets might reveal about his or her drug abuse.

Because some of the drugs Porrata covers are somewhat new to the scene and unusual, many law and medical professionals may not yet know how to recognize them or signs of their abuse.

These presentations also educate these audiences about drug- facilitated sexual assault, where over 40 different drugs are being used to commit rape and even robbery. Everything from the crucial need for immediate urine analysis to analysis of victim behavior is included in this presentation that will prepare the audience to tackle these drug issues proactively.

Her “Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault” classes cover recognizing the 40-plus drugs involved in DFSA, indicators of a drug rape, investigative techniques, testing issues, use of expert witnesses, search warrant information and prevention.  These cases can easily slip through the cracks without adequate knowledge of the drugs involved.

Medical personnel from those specializing in sexual assault cases to ER staff to addiction treatment personnel will benefit from Porrata’s classes.  Jail medical personnel will also find these courses of interest.  Porrata has extensive knowledge of the drug GHB, from abuse, rape, overdose and death to addiction and withdrawal.

GHB is the toughest addictive drug to beat and she was worked with more than 2,000 GHB addicts worldwide.  Withdrawal treatment information is available through her training and the book she edited, “G’d Up 24/7:  The GHB Addiction Guide.”

Specially tailored workshops for parents and students focus on risk factors of the drugs (what they physically do to the human body) as well as recognition of the drugs themselves and how to know when a loved one is using. These presentations are focused on prevention, teaching our youth the personal consequences of drug use.

In this presentation, Porrata speaks less about how the drugs are used and instead asks our youth to think about what they’re willing to live or die for. The message is — It isn’t about what your friends think is cool or about what is popular, it’s about YOU and how you make choices that will affect your life.

Porrata speaks frankly with parents and students in an effective and memorable educational presentation that prepares the audience to successfully navigate through the terrifying world of drug abuse.  What’s really in your kid’s backpack?  How dangerous is it really to attend a rave party or pop a pill your friend offers you?  Parent and student alike – You need to know.

The length of presentation may vary from one hour to eight hours, depending on your needs. Porrata typically does eight hour courses for law enforcement and medical personnel, but adapts to any schedule.  Parent and student presentations vary as need as well, but at least one hour should be scheduled if possible.

Expert Testimony

Porrata has testified in state and federal, criminal and civil courtrooms about the effects, paraphernalia, packaging, sources, distribution and use of GHB, ecstasy, ketamine (Special K), and other drugs of abuse plus specifically on the topics of drug-facilitated sexual assault and the rave phenomenon.

Presentation Materials

Porrata’s training and workshop materials are available for purchase. If you are unable to book a workshop with Porrata herself, you are still able to purchase these informative and life-saving materials, which are easily updated to include local statistics and images for your area and also adjusted for the customized audience you wish to educate.  Why start from scratch when you can start with an excellent of slides and array of appropriate photos, all ready to go.

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