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Welcome to Happy Family Pharmacy, your reliable online health and medication partner. Our founding pharmacist and medical advisor, Dr. Trinka Poratta, brings two decades of industry experience to HFS. Known for her pioneering efforts in patient safety and medication counseling, she guides our team with the aim of transforming the traditional pharmaceutical landscape.

Our Tech Lead, Tom Harrison, is the architect behind our intuitive digital interface. With his deep understanding of healthcare needs and cutting-edge technology, Tom ensures our platform is user-friendly, secure, and accessible to all. His expertise enables us to deliver medications to patients efficiently, seamlessly bridging the convenience-care divide.

At the helm of our Patient Advocacy team is Laura Miller. With her background in social welfare and health regulations, Laura ensures that each patient’s needs are prioritized and their voices are heard. She leads efforts to educate patients, enabling them to make informed healthcare decisions and guaranteeing each interaction with PharmaBridge is a positive and enriching experience.

Together, we form Happy Family Store. We envision a future where accessing your medications is as simple as making an online purchase, and every patient feels equipped to navigate their health journey. We’re not merely an online pharmacy; we’re a community, a resource, and a committed ally in your pursuit of health. Welcome to a safer, more efficient, and smarter way to manage your medications.