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Trinka Porrata, Greg Ferency and John Vigallon are three trainers/consultants who work independently to provide a wide array of instructional material.  We are friends in the drug abuse training field, working to save lives through education, prevention, enforcement and treatment.  They bumped into each other along the way while working toward that goal and the friendships stuck!

Trinka trains about a wide variety of drugs, plus drug-facilitated sexual assault and the rave scene.  You can read more detail on my services page.

Greg’s expertise is focused on methamphetamine cases, from undercover work to clandestine lab cases.  His book, Narc Ops, provides interesting insight into the world of police work in a relatively small town, Terre Haute, Indiana (which happens to be near my hometown in Illinois).  One reader of his book commented that she had no idea what went on in the streets of her town while she slept at night!

John and Trinka are both involved with Project GHB.  John has an amazing background in the drug counseling field and works closely with law enforcement on training re all drugs of abuse.  His high school drug education and counseling services are effective.