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Trinka D. Porrata

Trinka D. Porrata, after 25 years working with the LAPD, currently works nationwide and internationally as a private drug consultant, providing instruction, legislative support, and expert testimony regarding various drug issues, especially GHB, ketamine, flunitrazepam, LSD and MDMA, and drug facilitated sexual assaults.

Porrata is also an adjunct instructor for the National Guard MultiJurisdictional Counterdrug Task Force Training Center at St. Petersburg College in Florida.

Porrata has an extensive training and public speaking background. She has testified several times before committees of the US Congress regarding GHB, ketamine, and flunitrazepam before the House of Representatives, the California and Utah Legislatures, the Nevada Board of Pharmacy and Los Angeles City Council and LA Police Commission. In addition, Porrata serves as an expert witness in criminal trials.

She has testified before municipal, superior and federal courts regarding various drugs for possession, possession for sales and sales, including cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine, heroin, flunitrazepam and GHB. She has testified as an expert and/or provided expertise as a consultant numerous times on various GHB, flunitrazepam, ketamine and MDMA cases (including numerous drug-facilitated sexual assault cases and drugged driving cases), for both prosecution and defense.

Porrata has special expertise with designer/club drugs and RAVE parties, having interviewed numerous users of the various drugs, GHB addicts, overdose victims and sexual assault victims and suspects. She has worked with law enforcement on-site at RAVE parties, teaching recognition of drugs and enforcement issues.

She appeared in documentary entitled “Better Living Through Circuitry” about RAVEs and on Good Morning America, the NBC Nightly News, and 20/20 speaking about GHB, MDMA, and EXTRA.

Porrata was interviewed by France’s CAPA TV, 48 Hours, German TV and appeared on the 60 Minutes Show of the United Kingdom. She has also assisted with article research for publications such as USA Today, Family Circle, Seventeen magazine, and the LA Times among others.

Her previous experience includes consultations for California Drug Endangered Children (DEC) program, California Attorney General’s Office, DOJ, and working as an instructor for the California DOJ Advanced Training Center.

Porrata retired from the LAPD in 1999, after she reached the rank of detective supervisor in narcotics. She spent her career initiating and supporting legisltation relevant to narcotics enforcement and providing, organizing and coordinating drug related training for narcotics and patrol officers, other law enforcement agencies and public.

She was among the first group of field certified females in the LAPD academy in 1973 and the first field certified female training officer.  Porrata worked with the rampart sex crimes unit and spent three years in juvenile division abused child unit, receiving honors for cases handled.

Porrata has a degree in Police Administration and Public Safety from Michigan State University (1966-1970).  She graduated with honors and won awards from the Detroit Press Association for articles written for the State News, where she was an editor.

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