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G’d Up 24/7:

GHB Addiction for Medical, Corrections

& Law Enforcement Professionals



The book "G'd Up 24/7:  The GHB Addiction Guide" is dedicated to the more than 2,000 GHB addicts who have come forward seeking help from this devastating drug of addiction.  Some made it and some did not.   It was a long time coming, but I'm very proud that we finally were able to get it written and published.  Treatment centers and ERs are still, for the most part, unaware of its severe and prolonged withdrawal syndrome.  Most drug detoxes are thought of as 3-5 days, but this syndrome is 10-14 days and potentially life endangering.  We have put together the best possible information from doctors on how to treat it.  Several publications have given us permission to use articles already done.  There are chapters to help family and friends comprehend what these folks are going through and how they can help.  There is a chapter specifically for the person addicted to GHB.  Plus, we have even included poetry and comments "in their own words" to describe how they fell into this mess and their efforts to get out.  We hope that it will make a difference and truly save lives of the many more GHB addicts that are out there.  It's a tough battle but it can be won. 


Foreword by Josh Mankiewicz, Dateline NBC  

Introduction & Dedication by Trinka Porrata


Part I:  Background & General GHB Information


Chapter 1: Invisible: The Story Behind GHB

By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 2: GHB and its Analogs: Legislation, Background, Names and Product Lists

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 3:  GHB Basics For Practitioners:  A Quick Reference Guide

            By Deborah L. Zvosec Ph.D. and Stephen W. Smith, M.D., Minnesota


Part II:  GHB Addiction in the News


Chapter 4:  GHB:  Natural Born Killer Stalks Sports 

New York Daily News by Luke Cyphers

Chapter 5:  In The Grip of GHB

Los Angeles Times by Linda Marsa

Chapter 6:  Expert Helps Man Get Free of Intoxicating, Growth-Enhancing,

            Internet-info Drug

Huntsville Times by Wendy Reeves

Chapter 7:  Users of The Highly Addictive Drug GHB Can Suffer From Life-Threatening

            Withdrawal Symptoms That Can Last As Long As Two Weeks

Dallas Star-Telegram by Tanya Eiserer

Chapter 8:  R.I.P.ped:  Even Former Mr. America Mike Scarcella Wasn’t Strong Enough

            to Beat the Horrors of GHB Addiction

Dallas Observer by Mark Donald

Chapter 9:  Cops & Firemen on G & at Risk

By Trinka Porrata


Part III:  GHB Treatment


Chapter 10:  GHB Addiction and Withdrawal:  A Quick Reference Guide

for Practitioners

            By Deborah L. Zvosec Ph.D. and Stephen W. Smith, M.D., Minnesota

Chapter 11:  Withdrawal—Central Nervous System Depressants, Including GHB

MEDICAL TOXICOLOGY, 3rd Ed., with permission of Lippincott Williams & Williams, by Ilene B. Anderson and Jo Ellen Dyer

Chapter 12: GHB Withdrawal and Inpatient Detoxification

by Dr Karen Miotto, Noosha Niv, & Brett Roth, M.D.

Chapter 13: Pentobarbital for Severe Gamma-Butyrolactone Withdrawal

Annals of Emergency Medicine, by Marco LA. Sivilotti, Michael J. Burns, Cynthia K. Aaron, MD & Michael J. Greenberg 

Chapter 14: Outpatient Treatment for Gamma-Hydroxy-Butyrate Dependence

by Janice Stalcup, Brian Wylie & S. Alex Stalcup

Chapter 15:  Treatment Center & ER Alert:  Key Issues

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 16:  Correction Connection:  GHB Withdrawal While In-Custody

            By Trinka Porrata




Chapter 17:  A Primer For Families

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 18:  Honeymoon Hell

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 19:  Hey Moms & Dads

            By Christopher




Chapter 20:  A Primer For Addicts

            By Trinka Porrata




Chapter 21:  Overview of the deaths……and suicides

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 22:  Ben Croman

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 23:  Scarcella.doc 

            By Trinka Porrata

Chapter 24:  Christopher Scott Floyd



            By Trinka Porrata



Chapter 26:  Poetic G


Chapter 27:  Andrew Pope

By Linda Marsa

Chapter 28:  Justin Rys

By Linda Marsa

Chapter 29:  Tears      

By Mick Hart 

Chapter 30:  To Whom It May Concern


Chapter 31:  From A Survivor


Chapter 32:  Messages From The G Side of Life