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Prescription & Over the Counter Drugs

When we think of drug abuse issues, we typically think of illicit (illegal) drugs. But the truth is, licit drugs (legal for prescription) are a huge abuse issue. Whether people start abusing them deliberately or accidentally become addicted while taking them legitimately for medical purposes, the results are the same…..devastating. Rush Limbaugh’s recent fall from the pedestal is proof of that!

Meanwhile, many people also abuse over-the-counter (OTC) products for the same abuse reasons, to get high, zone out, hallucinate, etc. And often this abuse involves the young since these products are so readily available either in the home medicine cabinet, via shoplifting or simply affordable via purchase.

What do you know about drug abuse amongst teens today? Do you know what group of kids is using drugs? Do you know where they are obtaining the drugs they are abusing?

Today drug abuse is prevalent in every socioeconomic background.

Did you know that teens don’t even need to seek out a drug dealer? The drugs that teens are abusing today are available right in your own home. The kids don’t even have to leave their homes or make an illegal purchase from a scary drug dealer.

According to a recent study by the Partnership for a Drug Free America, today’s teens are more likely to abuse prescription and over the counter medications than many illegal drugs, and teens think that abusing these medications to get high is ‘safer’ than abusing illegal drugs.

This mindset couldn’t be more frightening! Prescription and over the counter medications are safe when taken as prescribed, but when abused, can be just as dangerous as illegal drugs, or lethal.

Abuse of over the counter and prescription drugs is rapidly increasing. As parents we need to stay aware of the changing trends of drug abuse so that we can better guide our children.