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Greg Ferency

Greg  Ferency  has been in law enforcement in Terre Haute, Indiana, for the past 17 years and has been assigned to a county wide Drug Task Force since January 1996. He has extensive history in drug related crimes as both an investigator and undercover officer.

Greg has specialized training and experience in methamphetamine related investigations. He has certifications from the DEA Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement Team in the area of Basic, Site Safety and Tactical Operations. Greg has been at the scene of over 550 (and counting) methamphetamine lab scenes as both lead investigator and site safety officer since 1999.

He is a court certified expert in methamphetamine and its associated clandestine labs. Greg has trained law enforcement, civilian groups, educational system employees, medical staff and correctional personnel in methamphetamine and other drug related topics. Greg is the author of Narc Ops: A Look Inside Drug Enforcement, which was published in May 2003.

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