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Today’s world is filled with drugs, penetrating each facet of our lives. Every day brings a new, toxic trend into the marketplace. If you don’t know how to recognize these drugs, their symptoms, and their associated paraphernalia, your knowledge gap could become deadly. Don’t just sit in the dark about these trends—talk to someone whose expert knowledge could save your life or that of a friend or relative.  If you are a medical or law enforcement or treatment professional, get the training that can enhance your knowledge base and skills.

Trinka D. Porrata is a Drug Consultant specializing in the education of law enforcement officials, medical practitioners, teachers, parents, and courtrooms about current drug trends. Her expertise spans sexual assault, child abuse and narcotics, particularly the world of “trendy drugs” (those used at parties known as raves, in clubs, or as weapons of sexual assault). She has 25 years experience with the LAPD and is a nationally renowned expert on trendy drug abuse. Since her retirement from the LAPD in 1999, Porrata has toured the nation providing training, consultation, and expert testimony to thousands of individuals.

Porrata is also the author/editor of numerous articles and books, including Law Tech’s Drug ID & Symptoms Guide (2007) and G’d Up 24/7: The GHB Addiction Guide (2007); both are available through this website.  She is also the President of Project GHB, a nonprofit dedicated to research, prevention, treatment and response to abuse of the drug gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB).  She operates a GHB Addiction Helpline through the website, www.projectghb.org and has worked with more than 2,000 GHB addicts in 18 countries. 

Porrata’s “Current Drug Trends” workshops focus predominantly on the more unusual and most current drug abuse trends, including the drugs now common in our high schools and the rave and club scene such as MDMA, GHB/GBL/BD, ketamine, salvia divinorum, prescription drug abuse, DXM, mephedrone (aka bath salts, plant food, MCat or MeowMeow), K2 (aka Spice, etc.). You’ll learn about drug problems in your area that you may not have been fully aware of until attending her class. But she also covers the “old standards” of drug abuse, cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, PCP and marijuana as needed. Sessions can be tailored to your local needs, with emphasis added to the most common drug problems your community faces and/or the least known and newest issues upcoming. Her presentations educate audiences about recognition of the drugs, the symptoms and the cultures associated with the drugs. Audience members come away knowing vital facts like the typical packaging and paraphernalia that typically accompanies specific drugs. Her presentations include videos of under the influence of various drugs and case studies. Drug paraphernalia items are displayed for handling as well.

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Get the latest copy of the Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault Information Package from ProjectGHB.

An information-packed 8-page guide to  understanding and investigating Drug Facilitated Sexual Assault that will be valuable in your own training program.

  • How it happens--More than 40 drugs have been used in DFSA
  • The unknown factor--Druggings may result in DUI or assault arrests
  • Both women and men are vulnerable to drug-facilitated crimes of rape, robbery, etc.
  • “Predatory drug” is a more accurate term than the popular "date rape drug"
  • Tips for prevention and what to do if it happens--Timing is of the essence
  • Training information on investigation and prosecution of DFSA case

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On August 20, Project GHB will be represented at a Food & Drug Administration’s hearing considering approval of gamma hydroxybutyrate (GHB, aka sodium oxybate) for treatment of fibromyalgia patients.  Project GHB is concerned about the serious risk factors involved in expanding the prescription use of this drug, which is already being prescribed for fibromyalgia patients on a limited “off- label” use and concerned about the lack of awareness by medical and law enforcement professionals. Read More>>> 


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